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Next Parish Council Meeting:  

7.30pm Monday 8th May 2017 at Rufforth Village Institute.
This will be the Annual Parish Meeting followed by the Annual meeting of the Parish Council. 

The public are cordially invited to attend and contribute. If  you have an issue for the Parish Council you have the opportunity to raise it at the meeting.
Community Speed Watch 
We are looking for volunteers in Rufforth and Knapton to help reduce traffic speed by the use of hand held speed guns, If you are interested please contact the clerk by email: or phone:019014 738751 

The defibrillator that is now installed outside the Rufforth Institute Hall. Anyone can have access to the defibrillator by dialing 999 and giving the code on the cabinet.


Neighbourhood Plan

Peter Rollings (Chairman of the Neighbourhood Plan Group) reported to the last Parish Council meeting. To find out more see the new website at
The Parish Council can announce more success  in that Yorwaste  have installed CCTV cameras at the site entrance to deter waste HGV's passing through Rufforth. The latest planning application at Harewood Whin is addressing the HGV problem through the village.
 The subject of dog fouling continues to blight the village . The most recent abuses relate to Hannam Lane. Residents using this public footpath are reminded of their responsibilities with regard to clearing up after their dogs.  Little pink circles are appearing to identify  where an offence has been committed.
Please be considerate to others. 

Knapton Allotment Association:
Small plot (600sq ft) available
 In good condition
Contact Keith Clarke, treasurer.

Access to Healthcare Project


There is £110.50 sitting in the Parish Council’s funds for access to healthcare. If due to lack of your own transport or a bus service that doesn’t get you to a doctor’s/nurse’s appointment anywhere near the time needed, then you could take a taxi, ask for a receipt and claim it back through this fund. It is open to anyone in Rural West York. Please contact the Clerk if you wish to claim and have a valid receipt.

Stephanie Warden (Parish Clerk) Tel: 738751



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