Our parish villages



Rufforth lies in the Vale of York astride the B1224 York – Wetherby road. It is approximately 5 miles from York. A settlement at what is now Rufforth existed from Saxon times. An entry in the Domesday Book deals with land ownership in Norman times.


The Enclosures Act Awards of 1795 apportioned land among villagers giving Rufforth its modern form. The Act also awarded the village pond to be used as a watering place and the sand pit to be used for the upkeep of highways.


In the 19th and early 20th centuries the Middlewood family had great  influences on Rufforth. They rebuilt the church, built the Village Hall and two farms, East View and Hawthorn House in distinctive style. They also gave Rufforth Manor to York diocese for use as a vicarage. The Second World War saw the building of Rufforth Airfield which is still used by gliding and microlight clubs.

 Rufforth has a population of approximately 560 and has a shop, a Primary School and the Tankard Inn. Rufforth is a ribbon development village built on a sandy ridge in the middle of lower lying clay soil with a high water table.



Knapton lies less than 4 miles to the west of York city centre. The village is situated within the York outer ring road. It is surrounded by agricultural land.


Knapton has been around a long time – the Domesday survey indicated almost 1000 years of established settlement. The hamlet of the middle ages had open fields, evidence of which is preserved in the local names of Lowfield and Northfield. The village has a single principal street (Main Street) and, on the east side, a Back Lane. It is likely that the village was originally laid out as a single sided village with the main street lined by houses and back lane by farm buildings, with easy access to the adjacent fields. Despite the proximity to the City of York the surrounding countryside has helped Knapton maintain its rural appearance.


In late 2005 an informal survey indicated that there were 96 dwellings in the village envelope occupied by 173 adults (age 16+) and 49 children. The only village amenity is the local village public house.


Both Rufforth and Knapton have reminders of their rural heritage with a Pinfold in each of the villages.